7 Myths About Bipolar Disorder Debunked

Bipolar disorder, commonly known as manic-depressive disorder, is a brain condition that affects approximately 5.7 million Americans. The condition is known for producing symptoms that include periods of depression interrupted by periods of mania. The median age of diagnosis is age 25, but symptoms can start during childhood, during middle age, or anywhere in between. […]

Look Out for These 4 Bipolar Disorder Symptoms in Teens

The adolescent years can be full of ups and downs. Your son or daughter might be over the moon with happiness because they scored a date with their latest crush… and an hour later, an argument with a friend can have them down in the dumps and moping around. When mood swings are severe and […]

Challenges Facing Teens With Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder (bi meaning two) is characterized by the swing of moods between mania and depression. In fact, a teen’s levels of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephine are often so chaotic, it is difficult for them to remain emotionally stable throughout the day. For instance, an adolescent might wake up in the morning with such a […]

Symptoms of Teen Bipolar Disorder Defined

Bipolar Disorder is a type of mood disorder that is characterized by a mood swings between depression and mania. There are two types of this disorder. Bipolar I is also known as Bipolar I, which includes one or more distinct periods of mania, and could also include a mixed period. For instance, if there is […]

The Challenging Life of a Bipolar Teen

Bipolar Disorder is not an easy illness to cope with. It’s somewhat tricky because parts of the disorder itself feels good. Bipolar is a mood disorder that consists of both depression and manic periods. When the depression hits, you know you’re not feeling so good. But when you’re in a manic episode, you feel great. […]

Terms to Know On Teen Bipolar Disorder – Part Two

This is the second of two articles providing psychological and medical terms on teen bipolar disorder, which you might need when having conversations with professionals in the mental health field. You might particularly need this if you’re just learning about a bipolar disorder diagnosis, either for yourself, or if you’re a caregiver, perhaps for a […]

Comparing Teen Bipolar Disorder to Angry, Hyperactive, and Depressed Teens

The adolescent brain is still developing. Neurons are still firing, making new connections, and their emotional landscape is still maturing. It’s no different than the infant who needs to babble before talking in full sentences. Teens need to have immature emotional experiences – like having angry outbursts, tantrums, or lonely wandering – before growing into […]

The Differences between Teen ADHD and Teen Bipolar Disorder

Teen ADHD and Teen Bipolar Disorder Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, also known as ADHD, is easy to confuse with Bipolar Disorder. Add to that the chaos of adolescence and the new behaviors your teen might be exhibiting, it could be difficult to know what to share with a mental health professional who is preparing to diagnose […]