3 Ways to Show Random Acts of Kindness for Teens

Acts of kindness are about treating people with respect, compassion, and care. Demonstrating gratitude is an important value in most families, and it’s also a positive trait that can improve both personal and professional lives. Research shows that people who regularly demonstrate random acts of kindness are better able to: Form strong relationships and social connections […]

What Common Challenges Are Young Adults Facing Today?

Every generation has its own struggles, and it can be tough for older generations to relate to and understand the things that are making today’s young adults and soon-to-be-adults worry. Of course, the challenges vary widely depending on who you ask – young adults of different races, income levels, and geographic locations often have different […]

Ways for Teens to Build Resilience

Resilience is the process of adapting well in the face of adversity or significant sources of stress, and ultimately bouncing back from difficult life experiences. For teenagers working hard to maintain their sobriety, this is especially true, as resilience can help teens in recovery with their overall mental health. “Resilience in youth can be fostered […]

Candy Hearts or Broken Hearts: How to Support Your Teen on Valentine’s Day

By Cynthia Bond Shiny red heart shaped boxes of chocolate, a fluffy bear holding an I love you pillow stitched between its paws, roses, chalky Sweethearts heralding: Be Mine, Text Me, Love Bug, Miss You, special gifts and most importantly LOVE are expectations many have for Valentine’s Day. However for teens, the intense pressure they […]

Paradigm’s Scott Barshack Earns Recognition as ‘Top Doc’

Dr. Scott Barshack of Paradigm Treatment was recently voted one of the Top Docs for psychiatry in the 415 area code. A graduate of Haverford College and the University of Maryland Medical School, Dr. Barshack completed his residency in Psychiatry at St. Mary’s Hospital in San Francisco. Working with teens and their families for more […]

Coping with Depression & Anxiety in the New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s important to manage stress and depression as we continue to move forward in 2019.  The following tips, provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, can help you minimize stress and depression as the New Year gets underway.   1. Take More Walks Exercise is good […]

Challenges of Educating Children in the Digital Era

The challenges of educating children in the digital era were explored during recent seminars in Indonesia, where Jonathan Sanchez, Director of Education at Paradigm Treatment Centers Malibu, was among several experts speaking on the topic. The seminars took place at Sebelas Maret University and Staimas University, where audiences learned how to manage the growth and […]

Tips for Teens to Stay Sober During the Holiday Season

For teens working hard to maintain their sobriety, the holiday season can be an especially challenging time. While the holidays are typically celebrated with joy, they can also be stressful – and studies show that alcohol and drug use can spike around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Fortunately, there are several coping strategies for teens dealing with […]

OCD Awareness Begins Within

International OCD Awareness Week is in full swing at Paradigm and this year we’re focusing on raising awareness from the inside out. “Some of the misconceptions about OCD involve the people who suffers from it,” says Dr. Jeff Nalin, Chief Clinical Officer at Paradigm. “We’ve seen many young people who have difficulty in treatment because […]

Support for Teens with Gender Identity Issues

“Congratulations, It’s a Human” When a baby is born, one of the first questions people ask the new parents is this: “What is it?” Gender is unquestionably the most salient feature of a person’s identity. It’s most often the first thing we notice about someone and it is certainly the first characteristic infants learn to […]