OCD Awareness Begins Within

International OCD Awareness Week is in full swing at Paradigm and this year we’re focusing on raising awareness from the inside out. “Some of the misconceptions about OCD involve the people who suffers from it,” says Dr. Jeff Nalin, Chief Clinical Officer at Paradigm. “We’ve seen many young people who have difficulty in treatment because […]

Support for Teens with Gender Identity Issues

“Congratulations, It’s a Human” When a baby is born, one of the first questions people ask the new parents is this: “What is it?” Gender is unquestionably the most salient feature of a person’s identity. It’s most often the first thing we notice about someone and it is certainly the first characteristic infants learn to […]

Learning How to Be Resilient Can Help Teens Manage Emotional Distress

Depression and anxiety are common during adolescence. But a new study suggests that brain training can help manage emotional distress. According to a recent study, teens who develop new skills, such as new emotion regulation strategies, can learn how to manage emotional distress such as anxiety and depression. This is especially helpful for adolescents during […]

The Value of a Strong Support System

The human experience involves families and communities: we need one another to survive and grow because it’s impossible to do everything alone. This is especially true while going through life’s challenges and obstacles, such as raising a teen going through treatment. A healthy support system can provide parents with a host of benefits, including: Boost […]

Inhalant Abuse: Is Your Teen Huffing?

A behavior that peaked in the 1990s, huffing is still an issue with teenagers, particularly younger ones who might not be old enough to access substances like alcohol, marijuana, and opiates, which older teens might experiment with. Huffing is also called inhalant abuse. Do you know what it is and whether your teen is at […]

When Teens with Depression Receive Treatment, Parents Might Get Better, Too

As mental health professionals, we know from experience that teen depression doesn’t only affect the individual. It can affect the whole family. Now, recent research confirms what we’ve known all along – “When teens are treated for depression, their parents’ mental health improves, too.” According to NPR, the study was conducted by Howard, a graduate […]

Giving Back After Recovery: Alumni Returns as Clinical Assistant

Before seeking treatment at age 17, Danny White couldn’t imagine the life he is living today. A husband and father of two, Danny is now working as a clinical assistant at Paradigm – one step closer toward his career goal of becoming an adolescent therapist. We had the opportunity to learn more about Danny’s treatment […]

Use These 9 Tips to Help Manage Anxiety

Are you struggling to manage anxiety? Everyone from children to the elderly has situations in their lives that make them anxious. For a young person, these situations might include pressures at school, arguments with friends, chores at home, a busy schedule, disagreements with your parents, and the list could go on and on. While some […]

National Parenting Gifted Children Week

Every third week of July is National Parenting Gifted Children Week, an event originally registered by the National Association for Gifted Children in cooperation with SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted). Gifted children, otherwise identified as talented or advanced, typically refer to children and teens with an extraordinary intellectual ability, and a talent far […]

A Rising Tide: Suicide Deaths Continue to Grow

On a national level, the suicide rate has been on the rise for several decades. As of 2018, there are an estimated 123 suicide deaths per day. It is a staggering statistic, even when you consider the total population of the US – and across all age groups, the suicide rate is climbing fastest among […]