Self-Harm: Why Do Teenagers Do It?

Self-harm is when an individual does something to harm themselves without the intention of attempting suicide. In teenagers, it often manifests as cutting or occasionally burning. It is usually a […]

Self Harm Coping Strategies for Teens

Self-harm is a behavior teens many experience while doing everything in their power to hide it from their parents. This was the case of one 14-year old teen whose family […]

6 Teen Cutting Myths Debunked

Cutting is a self-injurious behavior that is often misunderstood. Some parents and caregivers believe that if a teen cuts themselves, it is an attempt at suicide. While other caregivers believe […]

If You’re a Teen Who Cuts You’re Not Alone

One of the misconceptions about cutting and adolescence is that they must go hand in hand. Many people believe that because the teenage years are turbulent teens will exhibit risky […]

Self Harm is More Than Just Cutting

Self harm is commonly known to be a behavior among teens. However, it should be pointed out that self harm is actually a behavior that occurs for people at any […]

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