5 Ways to Be a Mindful Parent

As a mindful parent, there are many things that you want to give your teen. You want to give them safety and security, food and shelter, a good education, a good start in life. You want to give them everything that they need and at least some of the things that they want. And you […]

What It’s Like to Live With a Chronic Illness

Chronic illness can be difficult not only for the person with the illness but also for the people around them. If you know and care about someone who has a chronic illness, you probably empathize with them and want to be helpful and caring. But it’s easy for people who have never experienced chronic illness […]

Teen Sleep Disorders and How to Manage Them

Everyone needs to sleep, and teenaged bodies especially need to get enough sleep to keep up with the developments and changes that take place during this time. But there is a multitude of factors, including certain teen sleep disorders, that often keep young adults from getting as much sleep as they need. Busy schedules, various […]

The Challenges of Invisible Disabilities

When you think of living with a visible disability, at least some of the challenges of that disability seem obvious. But the challenges faced by those who suffer from invisible disabilities aren’t as immediately obvious to people who don’t have those experiences. If a person doesn’t look sick or disabled, do they really face as […]

Depression on the Rise Among Gen Z

According to several studies, teenagers and college-aged adults classified in the Gen Z cohort are experiencing higher rates of depression than the previous generation. And experts don’t know exactly why. Behaviors thought to have contributed to depression in previous generational cohorts, such as alcohol and substance use and antisocial or risky behavior are actually lower […]

5 Relaxation Techniques Teens Can Benefit From

As anyone who remembers their own teen years knows, being a teenager can be very stressful. From nerves over first dates to pressure to get into good colleges, teens are dealing with a variety of new situations and life stressors during a time when relaxation is the last thing on their minds. It’s a lot. […]

How to Prepare for Life After College

When you were getting ready to graduate from high school, you probably heard a lot about how different college was going to be and how to get yourself prepared for college life. But for many people, the jump from college to life after college is an even more challenging transition. And while in college you […]

Painkiller Addiction Warning Signs

Nobody starts taking painkillers with the intention to become addicted, and for many people, painkiller addiction starts innocently – with a legitimate prescription meant to alleviate real pain. Nevertheless, the addiction rates for certain types of painkillers, especially opioids, are skyrocketing in the United States. These medications carry a very real risk of addiction, even […]