Paradigm Featured on W Radio News

Paradigm is pleased to have recently been featured on W Radio News to discuss treatment options for adolescents who are being adversely impacted by social media dependence/abuse. The story featured therapist Paradigm Treatment’s Cecilia Muniz, MSW who addressed program’s cutting edge treatment for problematic Internet usage.


W Radio’s Spanish speaking listener base extends to more than 20 million people worldwide and is broadcast to Florida, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Los Angeles, Orlando, Spain, Central America, Colombia, Argentina and Panama. According to Cole Rucker, MA, CEO and co-founder of Paradigm Treatment Centers, this was a very welcomed event. “We are so delighted to have been afforded an opportunity to reach the listeners of W Radio” Rucker states. “This is consistent with our growing efforts to both provide treatment to youth from all communities and corners of the world, as well as to help elevate our collective understanding of adolescent mental health issues across the globe.


The mental health professionals at Paradigm treat adolescents with cell phone and Internet addictions using a multifaceted approach. Because many individuals with this type of addiction also suffer from depression or anxiety, any underlying condition is treated alongside the Internet addiction. Our therapists work with teens to help them determine what types of feelings are prompting the need to turn to the excessive use of technology. They also help our patients find other ways of relieving the feelings that are causing them to overuse their devices.


Paradigm’s approach to treating Internet and cell phone addictions allows adolescents to gain control over their use of these devices; this, in turn, helps them to succeed in school, strengthen their personal relationships, and, as they enter adulthood, overcome obstacles that might arise without turning back to their addictions.


“It has been great to see members of the Spanish speaking community reach out to help teenagers and young adults on the issues of social media and its impact on mental health”
-Cecilia Muniz, M.S.W., Director of Alumni Services