OCD Awareness Begins Within

International OCD Awareness Week is in full swing at Paradigm and this year we’re focusing on raising awareness from the inside out.

“Some of the misconceptions about OCD involve the people who suffers from it,” says Dr. Jeff Nalin, Chief Clinical Officer at Paradigm.

“We’ve seen many young people who have difficulty in treatment because they believe they can control their environment, although their symptoms display evidence of the contrary,” said Jeff.

With this goal in mind, all week we are offering our teens and parents special OCD-focused family sessions as well as youth psycho-educational sessions and process groups.

Through proper education, we aim to help teens better understand their disorder so they can begin appropriate and effective mental health treatment.

At Paradigm, treatment for OCD involves a combination of intensive CBT-based treatment, dynamic family therapy, and a relationship-focused insight-oriented model of intervention.

“This combination of behavioral modification exposure along with an insight-oriented approach makes for a more comprehensive intervention that is designed to be transferable to post-treatment life.

It includes the whole family, as opposed to simply teaching people how to behave while in the treatment setting,” said Jeff.