Self Exploration Teen Questionaire

Teens: Here’s a List of Important Questions to Ask Yourself

What’s great about being a teen is that you are in one of the best stages of life. Sure, it can be difficult. But it can also be exciting. Now is the time to discover yourself, to explore who you are and who you are not. Now is the time to uncover your uniqueness and find out how to express that uniqueness to the world.

To do that, here are some questions to consider. You may want to do this alone, with a group of friends, with an adult you trust, or with a therapist. Your choice. Whatever you choose, enjoy this time of self exploration.

  1. Who are you?
  2. What are you passionate about?
  3. What are the achievements you are most proud of?
  4. What are you most grateful for in life?
  5. What is most important to you in life?
  6. How would you describe yourself?
  7. What are your values? What do you represent? What do you want to embody
  8. Do you love yourself?
  9. If you do, why?
  10. If you don’t, why don’t you love yourself?
  11. How can you love yourself more today?
  12. What is your ideal self? What does it mean to be your highest self?
  13. Look at your life now. How can you work towards living the life of your dreams?
  14. If you have one year left to live, what would you do?
  15. If you have one month left to live, what would you do?
  16. If you have an hour left to live, what would you do?
  17. What are the biggest things you’ve learned in life so far?
  18. What advice would you give to yourself 3 years ago?
  19. Is there something you’re still holding on to?
  20. Is it time to let it go?
  21. What are you busy with today?
  22. Will this matter 1 year from now? 3 years? 5 years?
  23. What opportunities are you looking for?
  24. How can you create these opportunities?
  25. What are your biggest goals and dreams?
  26. What’s stopping you from pursuing your dreams, if you’re not?
  27. How can you overcome your obstacles?
  28. If you are to do something for free for the rest of your life, what would you want to do?
  29. What would you do if you cannot fail; if there are no limitations in money, resources, time or networks?
  30. How important are these goals to you?
  31. Who are the people who have achieved similar goals?
  32. What can you learn from them?
  33. Are you putting any parts of your life on hold?
  34. What is the top priority in your life right now?
  35. What are you doing about it?
  36. If you were to die tomorrow, what would be your biggest regret?
  37. What can you do now to make sure your regrets, if any, are resolved?
  38. What are the biggest things you have learned from your experiences so far?
  39. How can you incorporate into your life the lessons you’ve learned?
  40. If you have 1 million dollars, what will you do with it?

These are questions to get you going on self exploration and discovery. Now is a great time in life to explore, search, investigate, and discover!

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