Teen Attention Deficit Disorder Treatment – More Suicides Linked To A.D.D.



Teen attention deficit disorder is strikingly common among adolescents in America, and a large amount of those diagnosed have committed suicide before the age of 12.

A study made by the Journal of Pediatrics found a greater link of suicidal thoughts among children coping with attention deficit disorder than depression.

This isn’t to say that depression doesn’t still take many lives, but this statistic has opened up eyes to the epidemic of untreated teen attention deficit disorder.

Although it is difficult to draw definite conclusions from such a small group of young people, and some doctors believe that untreated bipolar disorder or even schizophrenia is more likely to lead a young person to commit suicide.

Children are just as complex as adults, maybe even more so do to their untamed nature and natural vulnerability and susceptibility to criticism.

Children internalize their thoughts just as much as adults, and recognizing a problem in your child is the first essential step to helping them get treatment.

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