Differences in the Brain Can Contribute to Teen Alcohol Abuse

A collection of four studies performed on teenage brains indicates that there might be differences in the brain among teens that could point to whether an adolescent might later abuse alcohol.   The four studies indicated that teens who have reduced neural connections might be more at risk for alcohol abuse. Another study indicated that […]

14 Holistic Paths To Healing All Teens Should Know About – Part One

When you’re not feeling well physically, emotionally, or psychologically, it’s common to think of traditional forms of healing, such as going to a doctor, looking up information on the Internet, and talking to friends and family. However, there are many alternative forms of healing as well that are slowly gaining acceptance.   Alternative forms of […]

The Reduction of Harm Model for Teens with Addiction

Most people have heard of the 12-step model for treating addiction, developed by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). However, there are other models that parents, caregivers, and teens may want to know about.   Although the 12-step method has been incredibly successful and has supported millions of people around the world with achieving sobriety, there are some […]

Spice: A Legal But Incredibly Dangerous Drug for Teens

They’re known as designer drugs. They are drugs that are manufactured to create a certain high. However, they include all sorts of ingredients, including those most people would never ingest, but mixed with other substances produce a certain effect.   Sadly, when Spice first became available to the public in the early 2000s, it was […]

Prescription Drug Abuse Among Teens

Because teens are undergoing major life changes, they are vulnerable to mental illness. Yet, unfortunately, mental illness still carries a stigma and is rarely spoken about. For this reason, if a teen feels sad, has low energy, and is beginning to lose interest in his or her friendships, he or she might not know about […]

Teens: What You Should Know About Alcohol

Alcohol is the drug of choice for America. It is a psychoactive drug that four in five men and women over the age of twelve have tried at least once. The number of those who have tried alcohol is 2.5 times the number of those who have experimented with marijuana. Sadly, there are approximately 18.3 […]

The Reasons Why Teens May Drink Or Use Drugs and What To Do About It

Adolescence is known for a time of experimentation for teens. And it should be. The development of the brain and the explosion of growth physically as well as psychologically create wonderful opportunities as well as dangers for adolescence.   One of these dangers is the experimentation that may happen with drugs and alcohol. Although not […]