Finding the Right Diagnosis for Your Teen

Believe it or not, sometimes psychologists and therapists can be wrong. You might take your teen to a mental health professional and discover that the diagnosis that he or she provided, just isn’t right. Of course, you know your child best, and the therapist is relying upon his or her knowledge of certain diagnoses, but […]

A List of Self Care Tips for Parents of ADHD Teens

If you’ve raised a child with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), you’ve likely seen plenty of struggle, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and excessive talking. You’ve probably faced some difficult parent-child moments! For that reason, this article will provide some tips to find some moments of care for yourselves and for the family.   It’s hard to have an […]

Teen ADHD Symptoms and Practical Tips for Parents

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is an impulse-control disorder that is a common mental illness among children and teens. In fact, it is so common that some clinicians believe it is grossly overly diagnosed for the benefit of pharmaceutical companies who want to sell their medication as well as parents who want to understand the misbehavior of […]

The Truth About the Oppositional Defiant Teen

Parents of teens with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) exhibit a bit more of a challenge. This disorder is characterized by a pattern of angry or irritable behavior, vindictiveness, and argumentativeness. To be diagnosed, an adolescent must display four symptoms from one of the following categories: angry or irritable mood, argumentative or defiant behavior, and vindictiveness. […]

The Healthy and Unhealthy Risks of Adolescence

Taking risks in life is necessary. It’s the way to grow, to stretch yourself, and to test your own self-limitations. However, in adolescence there are healthy risks to take and some not so healthy risks. This article will explore both of these and the differences behind them.   As you can imagine, unhealthy risk-taking includes […]

Teens Who Use Social Media Need To Be Careful

There are more and more stories on the Internet about children and teens who have used social media in the wrong way – whether that’s to bully a peer, to criticize a friend, or to disclose information that really should have stayed private. These scenarios have led to lawsuits, suicide, depression, and death. In other […]

The Role of Teen Bullying in the Quest for Self-Discovery

In a recent article published by CNN, hundreds of teens commented on the biggest issues they face in adolescence. Of the many comments that are there, many teens expressed that the most pressing challenge they face is the social one. They have trouble fitting in and they feel the pressures of trying to be like […]

The Brain Differences in Risk Taking Teens

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), unintentional injury is the number one cause of death for adolescents. The CDC recognizes behaviors among teens that specifically lead to violence such as carrying a weapon, carrying a gun specifically versus other weapons, being in a physical fight, experiencing being hit, slapped, or physically hurt intentionally […]

When Teens Have Dissociative Disorder and What To Do About It

Dissociation is often the psychological response to a traumatic event. Although not all traumatic events cause dissociation, trauma is frequently the main cause of dissociation for teens and adults alike. However, children and teens are more susceptible to trauma because their brains are still in development and they don’t yet have the psychological resiliency that […]