Seeing Through 13 Teen Schizophrenia Myths – Part Two

This article is the second in a series on teen schizophrenia, intending to break through general myths most people tend to have about the illness. In general, schizophrenia is a disorder that can frighten most people. Fear and judgment are common reactions to mental illness. However, this series intends to provide truth about schizophrenia so […]

Parents: Here Is A Teen Sexual Behavior Calculator

If you’re like most parents of adolescents, you might be wondering whether your child is having sex. And if he or she is, perhaps you’re also wondering whether you need to have a conversation regarding healthy sexual activity.   In a way, you may not want to bring this subject up too early with fear […]

Teen Bipolar Disorder: Clear Answers To Complex Questions – Part One

Bipolar Disorder is a complex mental illness. For this reason, gathering information about the illness shouldn’t be difficult. Any parent or caregiver as well as teens should be able to access the information they need, when they need it.   The following questions and their answers are meant to provide simple information using simple language […]

The Challenges of Parenting Teens and Why They Need Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are essential for the psychological well being of children and teens. Although it’s hard for some parents to set those boundaries, feeling as though they are being too rough or too strict, boundaries help a child develop a sense of self.   When parents do not establish boundaries, teens have a hard time […]

Teen Mental Health: Exploring Normal Adolescent Development – Part Three

In this series, indicators of normal adolescence are provided for parents and teens. It’s important to have a measure upon which to determine whether a teen is experiencing mental illness or exhibiting behaviors that are of concern. Using the information below, parents and caregivers can determine whether there is need for professional assistance, such as […]