Supporting Someone With Depression

  Loving someone who battles depression can be challenging for even the strongest people, it’s never easy to see the person you care about most suffering. You yourself may feel hopeless, or ill equipped to handle their problems and your own  problems without getting overwhelmed and frustrated. You’ve tried a lot of methods, giving them […]

Sleep Helps Antidepressants

When starting a new medication especially an antidepressant, it usually takes about six weeks for it to start to really work. Research has shown that getting at least eight hours of sleep helps antidepressants be more effective within those taking them. Researchers at the University of Michigan who specialize in both psychiatry and sleep medicine made […]

What Depression Can Do To Teens

When a teen is having a hard time, especially if they’re not really sure why, they might try to find ways to make themselves feel better. For instance, if a teen is experiencing depression, they may turn to drugs to change their mood. They may want to stay at home more often and skip their […]

Depression Treatment: Lies Your Depression Tells You When You are Suicidal

When depressed, it can be difficult to decipher which thoughts are your own, and which thoughts are coming from your depression. The many negative thoughts that depression clutters your mind with makes it difficult to get through your every day life. These thought might even convince you that the world would be a better place […]

Teen Depression – A Reason for Transformation

Depression is a mental illness that has a bad rap. It comes with a stigma and, for many, depression feels like a life sentence of pain. Most who experience depression don’t even realize they are depressed until it turns into having thoughts of suicide and death. And, even if someone recognizes that they are feeling […]

Denial Can Get in the Way of Teen Drug Treatment

According to Dr. J.W. Hicks, author of 50 Signs of Mental Illness: A User Friendly Guide to Psychiatric Symptoms, there is a one in three chance for someone with schizophrenia to ignore the fact that they have a mental illness. For those who have been diagnosed with depression, general anxiety, or bipolar disorder, there is […]

Parents: Help Your Teen Avoid Depression and Anxiety

Teens have a lot of pressure on them to do well, and in multiple areas too. They are taught to get good grades and also to participate in extracurricular activities. Due to these pressures and other factors, teens sometimes experience depression. In fact, the number of adolescents who experience a depressive episode is estimated to […]

8 Natural Depression Treatments to Improve Your Mood

Depression can be substantially reduced with therapy and medication. However, there are many things you can do on your own to help ward off depression. Here are eight natural depression treatments to help you feel better. Get a routine – Having a daily schedule can help to keep you on track. Set goals – Start […]

Tips For Supporting A Friend Whose Struggling With Depression

If your friend is experiencing depression, you probably want to provide support but might not know how. Here are a few tips on how to provide support to a friend struggling with depression. Make time for them – Your friend might not be interested in doing activities that you normally do. Make time to be able to spend […]

Common Misconceptions About Depression

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about depression. Some of these misconceptions prevent those suffering from depression from seeking treatment. An article on The Mighty aims to debunk a few of the most common misconceptions. Here are a few true facts about depression that everyone should know. Depression doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be treated as […]