Supporting Someone With Depression


Loving someone who battles depression can be challenging for even the strongest people, it’s never easy to see the person you care about most suffering.

You yourself may feel hopeless, or ill equipped to handle their problems and your own  problems without getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

You’ve tried a lot of methods, giving them their space, doling out advice, trying to get them out of their heads and into a healthier state of mind. It hasn’t worked.

Depression is an all encompassing, exhausting and sabotaging disorder that can tear a part the bonds of friendship, family and significant others.

Many find it to be too much to stick around and support someone who is depressed, but don’t be tempted to give up just yet, your support means more than you think to your loved one.

If you haven’t already, try some of these tips out and see if they help your relationship:

  • Always make sure they know you are available and supportive, no matter what.
  • Show your love for them, it can be as simple as a hug, a trip together to the beach, or a greeting card.
  • Stay away from using judgmental or hurtful language.
  • Acknowledge their pain and validate that it’s okay to feel this way.
  • Don’t give so much advice, more often than not, listening is the best kind of therapy.
  • Read up on depression, educate yourself on how your loved one is feeling. Try to relate instead of speculate.
  • Don’t lose your patience, depression is a battle not easily won, your loved one will need to know you won’t give up on them.