The Benefits of Teen Counseling

A teen doesn’t have to have a mental illness to want to see a therapist or counselor. There are a number of good reasons for an adolescent to spend an hour with a mental health professional. This article will explore the reasons why a teen might want to see a therapist and the benefits that teen counseling will bring.

It’s common for teens to feel shy about going to a therapist or psychologist. Immediately there might be worry about being judged by others. Immediately there might be concern that others will think that he or she has a mental illness. However, most teens find that spending time with an adult outside of their family and who is giving them one-on-one attention enjoy the experience very much.

The following are the benefits teens might gain from seeing a mental health professional, regardless of whether they have a mental illness:

  • Has a need for someone to listen
  • Has a desire to be understood by adults
  • Feels sad, depressed, or stressed
  • Feels confused about life
  • Cuts, burns, or hurts themselves regularly in some way
  • Has a problem with attention and memory, which is affecting school performance
  • Suffers from a chronic illness, such as diabetes or asthma
  • Struggles with food issues, such as dieting often or excessive eating
  • Trying to overcome the loss of a loved one or close friend
  • Experiences thoughts of suicide
  • Going through the divorce of their parents
  • Has developed a sexually transmitted disease
  • Feels the challenges of growing up in a family with addiction
  • Wants to quit an unhealthy habit such as smoking or excessive drinking
  • Wants to build self confidence and make more friends
  • Wants to approach their parents with an important but uncomfortable topic
  • Needs reassurance from an adult other than parents
  • Having a hard time overcoming a traumatic event
  • Struggles with family relationships and wants help
  • Wants to heal from perfectionism
  • Needs help with gender role issues and sexual identity
  • Wants to better manage stress
  • Wants to have more meaningful relationships in life
  • Needs help with being pregnant and deciding whether to have the child

There are many reasons why a teen might want therapy. At the same time, there are reasons why a teen might be required to attend therapy. When this is the case, an adolescent might not be so willing to participate. However, sometimes, just learning about what therapy can offer and the benefits of therapy can help change a teen’s mind. In general, therapy can offer a teen:

  • A safe place to discuss private matters
  • Someone a teen can really trust
  • A professional who understands the mind and who can offer guidance on life’s struggles
  • An opportunity to talk about problems and concerns versus holding them in

There are many positive benefits that a teen can receive from therapy, even if he or she were required to do so.  However, if a teen is interested in therapy, the next step might be talking to a parent, school counselor, or an adult they trust.

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