Tips For Parents on Talking to Your Teenager

During adolescence, teens begin to develop independence and establish their own identity. This means that they will start to pull away from their parents, which can leave parents feeling as though their teen doesn’t want to talk. It’s important to remember that teen’s are trying to sort out their own struggles internally and are probably not trying to shut you out on purpose. Here are a few tips for parents on how to talk to your teenager.

  • Make time for your teen. If your teen approaches you to talk, even if it’s just small talk, make time for them. This will help open the door for communication in the future.
  • Realize that you can’t always be liked. Teens won’t always like what you have to say and can say hurtful things when upset. Know that you’re doing your job as a parent to teach them values and don’t take their hurtful words to heart.
  • Recognize when your teen is angry. A teen’s anger is not something to joke about. For best communication between parent and teen, make sure that you acknowledge their anger as a real issue and ask them what you can do to help.
  • Create opportunities to connect. Teens can spend a lot of time hanging out with friends. On top of that, they are probably very busy with schoolwork. It’s important to schedule time for you and your teen to connect. Do an activity that allows you to talk, such as going to lunch or on a hike.

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