Tips for Teens Who are Feeling Stressed


There’s no question teens are going to feel stressed from time to time. Between the pressures from school, parents, and peers, the tension might get thick for teens. And as a result, they might need to find ways to relieve that tension. It’s quite possible teens might find unhealthy ways to relieve stress, such as drug use, drinking, and making dangerous choices. However, there are ways that teens can relieve their stress in healthy ways. In fact, there are many healthy ways that teens can relieve their stress!


In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), an organization that monitors priority health-risk behaviors, has outlined a list of healthy tips for teens who are feeling pressure, stress, or anxiety. The name of the site that lists these tips is Feelin’ Frazzled! The following list will highlight some of the easy and useful ways teens can let go of any tension they might be feeling.


Exercise – There are so many benefits to physical activity. Exercise can release endorphins, boost positive feelings, and affect a teen’s overall mental health. Exercise can also help with the health of the brain, such as making new neural connections. It can also help boost the immune system, improve circulation, and can lift a teen’s mood. Physical exercise can also be used as a coping mechanism. For instance, if you and your teen were arguing or if you were to notice your teen is feeling agitated or frustrated, he or she might exercise as a means to manage his or her emotions. Running or walking or doing yoga can be a healthy way to release anger.

Eat Well – It’s easy to lose a sense of balance regarding food and eating when you’re an adolescent. This is especially true for many teens today who spend a significant amount of time on their laptops, Iphones, or Ipads. However, if teens (perhaps with the support of their parents, can make sure to eat three balanced meals per day, they may find they have the energy and mental clarity to face challenges in their lives.


Have Fun – When stress high, perhaps it’s time to laugh. It might be time to forget all the demands that are placed upon a teen and instead enjoy time at the park, at the movies, or celebrating with friends.


Talk to Someone – Of course, one of the most important steps to take when a teen is feeling stressed or too overwhelmed is to make sure that he or she has someone to talk to. This might be a trusted friend, parent, school counselor, or therapist.


Get Some Rest – Sometimes, fatigue can indicate that a teen has too much going on. And if an adolescent attempts to move through his or her day without the right amount of sleep, it’s probable that he or she will become more irritable and short-tempered. Getting the right amount of sleep, including naps if needed, can help create clarity of mind and patience.


These are a handful of tips among the larger list that the CDC provides. Both teens and parents who check their site might find some incredibly useful suggestions for keeping stress at bay.