Acupuncture For Bullied Teens

Teen Bullying Relief: Acupuncture

By helping to foster a mind-body connection, acupuncture is a great option to help kids deal with the sometimes trying times of being a teen.  Acupuncture for bullied teens, allows time for the body and mind to turn off the fight or flight state that can be present especially when dealing with adverse outside sources such as bullying from peers, which can have a profound effect on how a person views themselves. The stress of being bullied can be detrimental to a person’s over all well being. It can cause an inability to focus at school, digestive issues, low self esteem, a feeling of isolation and an inability to sleep among many other issues. Receiving regular Acupuncture treatments can reduce stress, benefit the digestive system and regulates sleep patterns. It is a safe, painless and effective way to treat anxiety, depression, and anger issues with no side effects. Most importantly it teaches the importance of self care early on in life.

Most Acupuncturists are knowledgeable in the area of nutrition and it often plays a large role in the treatment process. Looking at food as medicine and the effects that eating poorly has on the body can help deepen the connection that diet and lifestyle choices have on overall well being. If more of our kids were exposed to this ancient form of medicine earlier on in life, we would have many more well adjusted, mindful adults who understand the importance of taking time out for self care.

Here are some suggestions to help alter mindset to make this time one of positive growth:

  • Making a list of your positive qualities even if you can only come up with very simple one’s to start. This can be way to move away from negative self talk and move towards self love.
  • Communicate your emotions to someone you trust. Communication is a great way to move energy in our bodies and release pent up emotions.
  • Start a gratitude journal. End each day writing down 10 things in your life you are grateful for. No matter how small it is, gratitude helps shifts our mindset to what is working rather than what is not working.
  • Start to make time for self care. Whether it be acupuncture, yoga, or meditation, starting these practices early on in life will benefit you well into adulthood.



Guest post by Chantal Davis L.Ac. of Free Flow Health Acupuncture.