How to Stop Bullying in Schools

Between one-quarter and one-third of students in America say they have been bullied in school. Most bullying happens in middle school, but it also occurs in elementary and high school. As a parent, it can be devastating to find out that your child has been bullied. Bullying causes low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and, in severe […]

9 Ways to Prevent Teenage Bullying

Every parent wants their teenager to have friends and a healthy social life, and many parents are heartbroken to find out that their teen is being bullied or that they are bullying someone else. In the most tragic cases, bullying can result in suicide; in less tragic cases, it can result in depression, anxiety, and […]

9 Ways to Protect Your Teen From Online Bullying

Online bullying, also called cyberbullying, is becoming an epidemic. Over half of teens have been bullied online, with a third of them having experienced cyberthreats and a quarter having been bullied repeatedly through their cell phones. Cyberbullying is a type of bullying that takes place via electronic media or the Internet. Unfortunately, half of teens […]

How to Stop Online Bullying Among Teens

Cyberbullying is the name for bullying that takes place via the Internet, text, or email. Approximately 43 percent of teenagers have been bullied online, and a quarter of teens have had it happen more than once. Online bullying carries many of the same risks as traditional bullying, including low self-esteem, depression, and even suicide. In […]

How to Keep Teens Safe From Online Bullies

Of all of the changes between the generation that you grew up in and the generation that is currently in the midst of their teens, technology and the Internet are probably the largest. While you might know how to keep your teen safe from the various challenges you encountered during your own adolescence, it can […]

What is Teen Cyberbullying and How Can You Prevent It?

Cyberbullying: It’s defined as bullying that takes place via the Internet, email, texting, social media, or other electronic media. It’s something that, for the most part, today’s parents of teenagers didn’t deal with during their own adolescence. It can be difficult for a parent to know what to do when cyberbullying affects their child. They […]

5 Ways You Can Help Stop Teenage Bullying

You probably already know that bullying is an epidemic in our country. A quarter of kids are being bullied, a fifth admit to having bullied others, and over three-quarters have said that they’ve been bullied at some point. Many teenagers believe that revenge for bullying is the catalyst behind many school shootings. Bullying can also […]

How Social Cliques Impact Teen Mental Health

It’s normal and healthy for teenagers to begin to question and discover who they are. What types of things do they like? What seems right to them, and what seems wrong? One way that teens can discover these truths about themselves is to talk to others who have similar thoughts. They might also try out […]

Cyberbullying: What Parents Need to Know to Protect Their Teen

Thinking back to when you were a child, you might remember name-calling, pushing on the playground, and someone stealing younger children’s lunch money. Nowadays, with social media one of the primary ways young people communicate with each other, it’s inevitable that some bullying will occur via these electronic platforms. When harassment, bullying, and threatening behavior […]

Reasons Teens Don’t Report Bullying

Teens these days have a lot going on in their day to day lives. Bullying is a huge factor today. More often with teens, they tend to not tell anyone about these situations. There are preconceived notions about telling someone about being bullied, will make matters worse. The following reasons might shed some more light […]