Kids With Bipolar Disorder are More Likely to Use Drugs


Drug and alcohol abuse are a major problem in society. People are loosing their loved ones to the dark takeover of addiction.

Research shows that kids diagnosed with bipolar disorder are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, according to an article on The research that the article is based off of compared a group of young teenagers who have bipolar disorder, and a group of young teens who don’t suffer from any illnesses. The results showed that a higher percentage of kids suffering from illness used drugs.

The article also states that while a quarter of the kids in the experiment who suffered from bipolar disorder smoked cigarettes, only four percent of the kids who were illness free smoked cigarettes. Bipolar disorder makes it impossible to control your emotions. In order to deal with the frustration that bipolar disorder causes, many young teens will turn to alcohol or drugs to help them numb the pain.

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