Reasons Teens Don’t Report Bullying

Teens these days have a lot going on in their day to day lives. Bullying is a huge factor today. More often with teens, they tend to not tell anyone about these situations. There are preconceived notions about telling someone about being bullied, will make matters worse. The following reasons might shed some more light on why teens don’t report bullying.

Teens assume that they need to handle the situation on their own. They believe that no one is able to help them. Yet, there are plenty of people that can help like parents, teachers and friends. Telling someone about being bullied also includes the reason why they are, which tends to be embarrassing or something they might regret. There is also the thought that they might get punished and if it gets out that they told someone about the bullying, it might make matters worse.

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. If someone you know you think is being bullied, reach out and make an attempt to help stop it.

For more on the reasons teens don’t report bullying visit Pacer Teens Against Bullying HERE


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