Paradigm Treatment

Dedicated to providing teens and young adults with state-of-the-art mental health treatment in a safe, restorative, residential setting


  • 4 Intensive individual therapy sessions PER WEEK with weekly group and family therapy
  • Absolute privacy and confidentiality
  • Residential Treatment Programs Accredited by The Joint Commission
  • Specialists in treating teens 12-17 and young adults 18-26
  • Comprehensive pre-treatment diagnostic testing and evaluations for accurate diagnoses
  • 30-90-day treatment program tailored to each client’s unique needs
  • Low client-to-clinician ratio
  • Deeply committed medical, clinical, support, and executive staff
  • Coordination with home school for academic continuity and success
  • Beautiful and comfortable residences in Malibu and San Rafael


Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety disorders occur frequently in all age groups, but teenagers and young adults are especially prone to the condition. The National Institute of Health notes that as many as 1 in 3 teenagers from ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder.

Depression Treatment

Adolescence is an emotional rollercoaster for many, during which teens and young adults experience dramatic shifts in their moods. While this turbulent period of development is known for difficult emotions, persistent or extreme negative feelings should not be accepted as “par for the course.

Personality Disorders

There are several different types of personality disorders, each of which include specific symptoms. Personalities are, by nature, highly variable. Despite the oxymoron, it’s normal to be different – most people possess some unique quality or quirk, and there are many factors that contribute to developing a teen’s personality into something individual.


After four hospitalizations, Alex and his family found “hope and healing” and meaningful help that has made a real and lasting difference in his life.

At 17, Audrey was “Hell bent on self-destruction”. Upon arriving at Paradigm Treatment, she knew she was going to feel completely at home.

Upon returning to school from residential treatment at Paradigm, Emily’s friends remarked on how her “whole energy” had changed for the better.

Paradigm Treatment accepts a wide variety of insurance plans

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of treatment for teen mental health, behavioral heath or addiction treatment at Paradigm Treatment, we can begin the insurance verification process immediately. We are happy to obtain your insurance policy information and seek verification on your behalf. We can generally provide you with verification results within 24 hours.

In-Network Contracts

Paradigm is able to work with most commercial insurance plans out-of-network, and is currently an in-network provider for Anthem Blue Cross and MHN, as well as Kaiser for our northern California locations.


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