Kramer Dahl, MT-BC

Kramer Dahl is a multi-modal Board-Certified Music Therapist. As a group songleader, he weaves the magic of music with the transformative power of personalized sound to create a healing tapestry for his clients of all ages and walks. He received a Bachelors of Science degree in Music Therapy from Utah State University while also minoring in art and psychology. Growing up in Utah, Kramer developed a deep relationship to nature and enjoys spending time outdoors. He integrates elements of nature and mindfulness into his sessions.

Kramer is passionate about using music to help individuals tap into their potential and to catalyze growth. While completing his internship at Hochstein School of Music & Dance, Kramer explored all creative arts, integrating art and dance, as well as yoga, sound healing, and various musical modalities into the therapeutic relationship with a myriad of populations. 

For sessions at Paradigm, he incorporates a variety of instruments and the soulful melodies of client-preferred music to create a rich container of exploration. Depending on the group and setting each week, the sessions include learning an instrument, meditations, guided imagery with music, drumming, songwriting, improvisation, and lyric analysis. He focuses on teaching intentional use of music selection and the powerful ability that sound can have to shift our mood. He is delighted to celebrate the boost in self esteem when a young person experiences a breakthrough while learning an instrument, and he is honored to facilitate the experience of group improvisation to receive the benefits of singing and playing.

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