Megan Cleary

Having been in recovery from alcoholism for 10 years, and also having struggled with anxiety and an eating disorder, Megan is familiar with the fear of stigma, but also, the healing process. She believes in meeting each individual where they are, allowing them the autonomy to pursue whichever path of treatment is most beneficial for them. She loves to work with families, because she believes they experience just as much trauma, fear, and shame as the individual seeking treatment. She enjoys talking to families about what to expect, and helping them navigate the overwhelming process of admitting their loved one into a treatment program. It is her passion to help each person she encounters feel comfortable, safe, and understood. Megan believes every individual is different and has a different recovery and healing process. She enjoys working with CBT, DBT, ART, EMDR, and experiential therapeutic modalities. She was the director of admissions at Desert Cove Recovery, a business development representative at First Step Center, admissions representative at Denver Recovery Center and at The Raleigh. Megan has volunteered with hospitals and institutions bringing Narcotics Anonymous meetings and at Youth Detention Institute. Megan has earned CPR certification, first aid certification and level one fingerprint clearance. Megan enjoys yoga, not only for the physical benefits, but being able to expand her mindfulness, gratitude, and openness to the world.

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