Tips for Teens on Eating and Living Well

Part of having a healthy life is having healthy relationship with your body and mind. You’ve probably heard the saying that you are what you eat. What you put into your body will have an influence on the way you think, the way you feel, and your physical abilities. Healthy eating is essential for not only physical well being but also psychological and emotional well being.


For this reason, this article will look at ways to change your eating habits, if you’re prepared to do so. If you’re noticing how easy it is to eat junk food and if you’re seeing how commercials, billboards, and the presence of fast food restaurants on every corner are affecting the way you eat, perhaps it’s time to make a change.


On the other hand, you might be struggling with an eating disorder. This is another reason to explore your eating habits, and perhaps be gentler with yourself. However, let’s take a look at the ways that eating can be a healthy and nurturing experience.


You should know that even the smallest changes could make a big difference. Here are a few small ways you can make changes in your diet:

Cut back on sugar. Ideally, you might to try to cut out sugar all together. However, do the best you can for now. Cut out the soft drinks, energy drinks, and any drink that is carbonated. They are acidic and have a negative effect on the body.


Keep a fruit bowl ready to go at home. This way, you can open the fridge and start snacking instead of grabbing for a bag of potato chips or cookies.


Eat meals throughout the day. Those could be either small frequent meals or three larger meals. Either way, keep your body fueled with the right foods.


Don’t eat until you’re stomach hurts. There’s a point when your body says, Okay, I’ve had enough. That’s a good time to stop eating. It’s common, especially when food tastes good, to want to eat more than you should. But if you’re body is hurting after a meal or you feel bloated and big, then you’ve probably eaten too much.


Avoid eating salt. This can dehydrate your body.


Choose healthy options. When you meet with your friends, try meeting at a health food store rather than a fast food restaurant.


These are a few suggestions on how to change some of your food habits. But this list is not exhaustive. And probably the greatest suggestion to offer when it comes to food is this:


Don’t listen trendy diets or the suggestions of others when it comes to food – including the list above! Listen to your body. In small ways your body will tell you what to eat and what to avoid. That’s the greatest kind of diet to go on – the I-Know-My-Body diet.


In general, simply knowing that you are eating well can promote feeling good; whereas making poor food choices can lead to guilt that might exacerbate a low mood. And if you really want to make these changes but you feel that you can’t do this alone, see if you can get your parents, siblings, or friends to support you. For instance, parents can support you by preparing meals that are chock full of vegetables which can strengthen your sense of feeling well. And friends, especially those who have already made healthy eating changes in their life, can also remind you to make healthier food choices.


Certainly, food comes with challenges for anyone, especially teens with an eating disorder. But by loving yourself, loving your body, and bringing love to the way you eat, healthy eating can be a regular part of your life.