9 Positive Affirmations That Can Change Your Life

Wouldn’t it be nice to say that you want something in life (more job satisfaction, a better marriage, less stress) and have it happen? You might not realize it, but speaking words aloud can change your thinking. Since the way you think directly impacts how you react to events that take place in your life, positive affirmations can change your reactions and perspectives. It can seem like your entire life has changed once you are able to frame occurrences in a positive way. Take a look at this list of nine positive affirmations that can positively impact your mindset and try to say them out loud regularly.

1. “I have the power to create the life I desire.”

Many times, people assume that they are victims of circumstance. While it’s true that circumstances can create very difficult situations, taking control of the direction of your life can be very affirming and give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals. Say it out loud and you will begin to believe that you do have the power to create the life you desire.

2. “Today is filled with possibility.”

Any day can be different than the one before. If you feel that you’ve been stuck in a rut and are bored or frustrated by doing the same things day after day, take heart: You can turn things around right now. When you believe and affirm that today is a new day brimming with potential, you will begin to make the changes you need to, one day at a time. Say this every morning to unleash your power to change your life starting today.

3. “I love myself the way I am.”

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to embrace all of your traits, positive and negative, if you want to truly love yourself. Are there traits that you’d like to improve upon? Of course! But for today, you are exactly the way you need to be. You shouldn’t withhold self-love until you are perfect because that day will never come. Instead, use positive affirmations to love yourself where you are and take measures to care for your body and your mind the way you’d care for someone else’s. Be kind to yourself and good things will follow.

4. “I am strong enough to overcome challenges.”

Are you in the middle of a challenging situation? Maybe you have a large obstacle in your life, such as anxiety or depression, that is making everyday tasks difficult. Tell yourself that you are strong enough to overcome these challenges! It can help to think about difficult situations that you’ve already come through. Consider the last decade of your life and think about all of the hard times you’ve had. You’re still standing, right? You will get through this challenge, too.

5. “I do my best to accomplish my goals.”

Sometimes it can seem difficult to put forth your best efforts. Reminding yourself that you have goals and that you are doing whatever you can to achieve them can be very helpful. Affirming that you are trying to accomplish your goals and that you take steps every day to move a little closer to achieving them can make a world of difference in both the way you feel and the way you change your life as you celebrate your accomplishments.

6. “I have strengths, abilities, and gifts.”

Sometimes when things are not going so well, it’s difficult to remember your strengths, abilities, and gifts. You can say what your strengths are out loud; this can help you focus on the positive. For example, you can say, “I am tenacious and I don’t give up easily,” or “I have been blessed with good health and I take steps every day to keep my body and mind in their best condition.” As you remind yourself of your strengths and gifts, you’ll remember more and more of them. Affirm these, too!

7. “My life is filled with purpose.”

In the day-in, day-out tasks of daily living, it can be easy to lose sight of your life’s purpose. Seek out opportunities every day that help you fulfill your sense of purpose. Some days, this will be a small opportunity. For example, you might make a phone call to a volunteer agency that you’d like to learn more about. Other times, it will be a larger investment (and return). For example, you might book a trip to Thailand, something that’s been on your “bucket list” for a long time. Reminding yourself with positive affirmations every day that your life is filled with purpose will help you notice and reach for these opportunities.

8. “I am confident about the future.”

Are you afraid of the future? You can turn that attitude around by affirming that you are confident about the days to come. There will be events and circumstances that might seem scary or overwhelming when you’re going through them, but you have the life experience to know that you will come out the other side a stronger, more capable person. Being more confident about the future can become a self-fulfilling prophecy; good things will come to those who expect them.

9. “I am grateful.”

Gratitude carries a host of benefits, both mental and physical. People who are grateful can experience reduced blood pressure, less anxiety, and reduced depression symptoms. When you say this affirmation, include what you are grateful for. Doing this on a daily basis, particularly if you also write it down, can help you adopt a more thankful attitude all around.


Take a few minutes at the start of every day to say a few of these life-changing positive affirmations that are meaningful to you. By saying them out loud, you hear them, and it can help you internalize them as true. This can work even if you don’t truly believe the affirmations; in this case, you’ll be “faking it until you make it,” and you might notice that your attitude, as well as your life, turns around.

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