5 Ways Teens May React to a Divorce

With nearly half of marriages ending in divorce, many kids and teens deal with the reality of their parents dissolving their marriages. The commonality of the experience doesn’t necessarily make […]

Effects of Divorce on Adolescents

If you are going through a divorce, you’re undoubtedly stressed and likely overwhelmed. With so many feelings and practicalities to deal with, you are probably concerned about how your teenager […]

Support for Teens of Divorcing Parents

Research shows that teens who experience a divorce suffer in their self-esteem, academic performance, peer relationships, behavior, and physical health. It’s clear that you may need to feel supported by others […]

Tips for Co-Parenting Your Teen After Divorce

  Although a marriage may have dissolved between two people, their role as parents has not. In fact, it’s important that parents learn how to stay calm and civil for […]

Healthy Co-Parenting for the Sake of Your Teen

It’s challenging when divorced parents are still raising their children. Although there may be differences, children and teens still require healthy parenting. For this reason, parents should keep in mind […]

The Effects of Divorce on Your Teenage Daughter

It’s important for all children, including adolescents, to have structure. When the foundation of a family is threatened, the psychological and emotional well being of a teen can also be […]

How to Treat Teens of Divorce

Teens are in an already fragile state during adolescence. Although their changes have been historically seen as tumultuous and chaotic, they don’t have to be. In his 2014 book Brainstorm: […]

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