The Positive Life of A Teen

Often, when you scan the Internet for information about teens, you end up finding articles on teen mental health or the challenging life of an adolescent. And there is good reason for this – a teenager’s life, especially at this time, can be difficult. Teens go through so many psychological, emotional, and physical changes that life can become problematic. Social, emotional, family, and mental health issues can easily arise for a teen.


However, it’s worth it to give some attention to the positive aspects of a teenager’s life. Sure, the teen years are going to come with its trials and challenges, but focusing on them too much can be a downer. Of course, it’s important to make sure that any challenges or concerns are addressed. Yet, once any concerns are taken care of, there are many wonderful things that others can learn from teens.


Teens tend to be more creative, optimistic, resourceful, and daring than others who are not in their age group. Creativity is practically written in the teenage brain.  At this time of life, the teen brain is exploding with growth. Its neural connections are seething with life and the mind is particularly emotional and artistic. Although the down side to this is that teens can be more impulsive, the benefit is that if you’ve got a problem that needs a creative solution, a teen might be able to solve it for you.


The positive traits of teens can include:

  • A strong character that keeps them from giving in to peer pressure.
  • A teen might know that he or she is unique. He or she knows that there’s no one else like them and for that reason there’s a sense of self-confidence and self-appreciation.
  • Teens can be completely focused on their goals and objectives. They can know exactly where they are going in the world.
  • Teens can be resilient, having the ability to get back on their feet and move forward when life throws them down.
  • Teens can have great respect for others, for life, and for children.
  • Teens have an innate understanding that everyone is equal. There is little to no comprehension of discrimination.
  • Teens are often aware of the value of knowledge and education. And they are also aware of how becoming educated will not only affect their own future but also the future of their children.
  • Teens know the difference between right and wrong.
  • Teens can learn from their mistakes and grow from them. They can make different choices easily because of the flexibility of their growing brain and its expanding neural connections.
  • Teens know how to be respectful and listen to older generations, knowing that they have wisdom to share.
  • Teens are aware that their lives are a mirror of how they treat others. They have an innate sense of the interconnected of their lives with the lives of others.
  • Teens know that their personal sacrifices will be in their favor later in life.
  • Teens can know that drinking and drug use can be crutches to hide pain. They’re also aware that they need to take a look at that pain.
  • Teens are proud of their achievements and abilities.
  • Teens know how to be accepting of others. They’re aware that every human being makes mistakes and has weaknesses, including themselves.
  • Teens can appreciate the sacrifices that others have made for them.
  • Teens know that success is the result of determination, hard work and a positive mental attitude.
  • Teens can be appreciative, courageous, committed, confident, dependable, fair, flexible, honest, kind, optimistic, patient, persistent, resourceful, and sincere.


This is a list of the wonderful traits and characteristics of teens. Their sense of positivity, desire to create change, and innate wish to do good things can, and has, served the world in great ways.