Top Seven New Year’s Resolutions for Teens

This is often the time of year when you look at both the past and the future in order to create change in your life. What do you want stop doing? And what do you want to start in 2015?


The following are some top changes that many teens have expressed on the web. Perhaps these might inspire you or move you to want to do the same:


Learn Something New – As a teen, now is a great time to use those firing synapses in the adolescent brain to learn something new. You might want to learn how to play the guitar, quilt, skateboard, or ride a motorcycle. There’s a thrill that comes with finally learning how to do something, especially if you’ve always wanted to do it. There’s a joy in finally accomplishing something. Also, learning a new hobby can be fulfilling, rewarding, and fun.


Be A Role Model – This might sound harder than it seems as first. If you decide to be a role model or a mentor, for example, then your behavior and choices will likely be looked at closely. Not because you’re under any sort of scrutiny, but because those who you are a role model for will look up to you. They will admire you and appreciate who you are. Mentoring programs for children have been widely successful, not only to curb bullying and fighting among children, but also to simply steer them in the right direction. As a role model for a younger child, this is what you’ll be doing. It can be a very rewarding to see the life of a child turn in a new direction.


Make More Money – Maybe you’re tired of having to rely on the allowances of your parents. It might be time to get a job and to earn money independently of your family. You might want to look for a part time job for after school and the weekends. You can wait tables, be a courier, or work at a fast food restaurant. There are many choices for part time work. You’ll likely want to prepare a resume and get some advice on how to fill out a job application. Whatever you decide to do, having more money in your wallet can give you a great sense of freedom!


Improve Your Grades – Perhaps so far your grades haven’t been at their best. If you know that you can do better and if you know that you haven’t been displaying your intellectual abilities, perhaps now is the time. Of course, high grades can facilitate getting into college and supporting your educational and professional career. Besides, putting the time into study and do your homework won’t just get you higher grades, you might also learn a thing or two while you’re at it.


Show More Love To Family Members – It’s true that being an adolescent is a difficult time. In fact, now is the time when you’re going to have a tendency to pull away from family and want to spend more time with friends. Now is the time when you typically want to withdraw from your parents to try to find some independence for yourself. But if you’re seeing this go too far, then you might want to make a conscious effort to love and spend time with your parents and siblings. Perhaps you also want to spend time with your grandparents while they’re still alive, cousins, aunts, and uncles. Your family can include the most important people in your life. Why not show them love and appreciation?


Get Happier – For many teens, life just isn’t happy. There are concerns with your self-image, friends, family, school, and social life. You’ve got a lot going on and the smallest of problems can throw your whole day off. But this year doesn’t have to be this way if you don’t want it to be. You can resolve to stay happier. You can make a conscious effort to boost your self-esteem, accept all of who you are, and enjoy the life you have. It might take some effort but you can do it!


Get Healthy – All right, this is a classic New Year’s resolution. The good thing to that is that you’ve likely got a number of friends and family members who want to do this with you. Getting healthy doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight; it might mean making better food choices or exercising more often. You can start with making one small change, such as eating salads 3 times per week, and let that be the start to a healthy life!