Dr. Tapeesh Kansal, M.D.

Dr. Kansal is a board-certified psychiatrist who completed his residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago after attending medical school at the King George’s Medical College in India. Dr. Kansal has been practicing psychiatry since 2000. Over the years he has worked in various mental health settings, including outpatient clinics treating college students, inpatient hospitals, and crisis centers. He believes that taking care of our mental health requires that we address our overall health and well-being, including eating habits, exercise, cultivating healthy relationships, and finding meaning in our day to day life. Dr. Kansal also believes that adolescence and young adulthood is the critical time to lay a solid foundation for a healthy mind and body. In his free time, Dr. Kansal enjoys reading, playing with his 2 dogs, and going on long walks.

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